Felicity ®
The most romantic perfume in the World ?

"The classics tell us how to hold a lady -- you must cherish her, you must protect her, and you must keep her amused," said a much decorated World War I French Air Force Captain to his seven-year-old nephew.

"I will do all these," said the boy, "but I will also name something for her."

Later as a young man and parachuting champion, he followed his family's tradition of honor and romance. He served in the Korean War as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Years later, Felicity, California, the town he named for his wife, was established by law.

In 1987, now Mayor of Felicity, he appointed a century-old French firm to create the scent for the perfume, "Felicity ®."

With a perfume, and a town, the young boy kept his promise.

Felicity Perfume
One Center of the World Plaza
Felicity, CA 92283-7777

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